Traffic Alert October 24, 2019

One-way traffic pattern restored on San Jacinto San Jacinto is once again a one-way southbound street. Pedestrians, please use the crosswalks–and look both ways before crossing. SPECIAL EVENT STREET CLOSURE On Saturday and Sunday, October 26-27, Scholz Garten will be having an event and closing 17th Street between San Jacinto Blvd. and Trinity Street. The […]

Pedestrian and Parking Update October 24, 2019

Safe Crosswalks: To cross MLK Blvd. at: Colorado: Use the western crosswalk and the north sidewalk closest to the Blanton Cafe Congress (at the Bullock Museum): Use the western crosswalk closest to the Blanton Café. Note: This intersection is now a pedestrian only crossing. Brazos (at the ERS Building): Use the (Blanton) north sidewalk along […]