Construction Traffic and Pedestrian Updates – October 2023

15th Street & Congress Lane Closures:  The westbound lane of 15th Street from Brazos Street to Lavaca Street (adjacent to the construction site) will be closed for the duration of the Capitol Complex construction project. This lane will be used as a construction loading zone for the building projects. Watch out for heavy equipment and construction vehicles entering and exiting the loading zone at Brazos and exiting at Lavaca. THE SIDEWALK ON THE NORTH SIDE OF 15th STREET IS CLOSED. Please use the sidewalk in front of the Capitol instead.

Colorado Street is Closed. Colorado Street will be closed between 15th Street and 16th Street for the duration of the project. Please drive carefully in this area.

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Walking Routes

Need a map? Use the special sidewalk routes developed for this project. (Download a map here.)

Onsite Maps – Look for the six foot, red, A-frame signs for a current map of the sidewalk routes around the construction. Use your smart phone to scan the QR code on the signs to open a pdf of the Capitol Complex Travel map you can take along with you.

Traveling from the Bullock Museum to the Capitol – Watch this video.

Closed Sidewalks

All sidewalks adjacent to the construction zone are closed.

  • CLOSED: Colorado between 15th & 16th Street (All Sidewalks) – Use the sidewalks on the west side of Lavaca Street to travel north or south or use the covered sidewalk next to the Robert E. Johnson Building (REJ) building to travel north or south.
  • CLOSED: Congress between 15th & 16th street (All Sidewalks) – Use the covered walkway along the REJ Building instead.
  • CLOSED: 15th Street between Lavaca & Congress (North) – Use the sidewalk on the Capitol side of the street instead.
  • CLOSED: Lavaca between 15th & 16th Streets (East and South) – Use the sidewalk along the William P. Clements (WPC) building instead.

Closed Crosswalks

  • CLOSED: Congress & 15th Street
  • CLOSED: Colorado & 15th Street
  • CLOSED: Colorado & 16th Street (East, West, and South)
  • CLOSED: Lavaca & 15th Street (East and North)
  • CLOSED: Lavaca & 16th Street (East and South)

Where to Cross 15th Street

  • Congress – Use the Brazos Street crosswalk.
  • Lavaca – Use the west crosswalk closest to the Double Tree Hotel.


Follow us on X (formerly known as Twitter) for specific details on street and closures. @TFCtx



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