Thank you to everyone who participated in the State Employee Parking Shuttle Pilot Program. The program has now ended.

Thank you to the State employees who rode the shuttle and provided feedback on the program. The Texas Facilities Commission staff worked hard to bring out this program and your comments and suggestions will help us improve on future programs.

Final Comments on the Employee Parking Shuttle

There is plenty of parking inventory in the Capitol Complex for state employees and visitors. However, there is more demand for parking on the west side of the Capitol Complex, than on the east side of the Complex. Due to construction along Congress Avenue, access from Garages A, B, and G to work locations on the west side of the Capitol Complex make this parking option inconvenient for State employees.
The Texas Facilities Commission offered this pilot program as a convenience service to improve State employee’s access to the available parking. The shuttle was free of charge and ran on Monday – Friday, March 4 – April 19, with continuous service from 7:00 a.m.– 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
The goals of the program were to reduce congestion in the Capitol Complex by reducing cross campus traffic and providing access to open parking. Workers driving in on IH 35 could park closer to the freeway and use the shuttle to get to the buildings on the west side of the Complex. This would reduce congestion on 15th Street and MLK Blvd and free up space in Garages E and J for workers driving in from MoPac.

Next Steps

Traffic Apps: According to the feedback survey, most respondents use a traffic app like Waze to find the best commute route into the Capitol Complex. One of the best features of traffic apps is the real-time information. Please continue to use these apps and share with us any notable updates or user tips we can pass on to other commuters.

Commuter Options: About 46% of the survey responders indicated interest in a carpool or van pool option to get to work. Sharing a ride not only reduces congestion, it also benefits all of us by reducing our carbon footprint and commuter stress. Traffic apps like Waze can help match you with a neighbor with a similar commute. Capital Metro offers similar services. Read about vanpools at: MetroRideShare.

Capital Metro services are evolving. Please take a few minutes and check out other commuter options like the MetroBus, MetroRapid, MetroExpress and MetroRail at: