The State Employee Parking Shuttle pilot program has been extended for operation through April 19, 2019!

  • Save time
  • Reduce stress
  • Park faster – catch a free ride on the Employee Parking Shuttle
  • Continuous service around the Complex for three hours in the mornings and evenings
  • Especially convenient for employees who travel IH35 to and from work

State parking garages E and J are full. However, there is plenty of parking in garages A, B, and G. Our easy to use parking shuttles will pick up riders starting at 7:00 a.m. from the state parking garages on Trinity and drop off riders at the west side state buildings. Shuttles will provide continuous service around the Complex for three hours in the mornings and evenings. The shuttles will take about 15 minutes to get from the east side garages to the buildings on the west side of the Capitol Complex.

In the afternoons, the parking shuttles will pick up riders at 4:00 p.m. from the SFA and WPC buildings and take you to the garages on Trinity in about 15 minutes.

Now you can use parking garages A, B or G on Trinity and take a parking shuttle to your workplace in the SFA, WPC, JHR or PDB buildings.

The parking shuttles are especially convenient for employees who travel IH35 to and from work. Quickly getting to and from the freeway to open parking can save you commuting time and reduce cross Complex traffic congestion along MLK and 15th Streets. The parking shuttle is free to use for all state employees. (Note: The shuttle driver may ask for your State ID.)  Try our free State Employee Parking Shuttle!

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Why is the Texas Facilities Commission launching the State Employee Parking Shuttle?

The Texas Facilities Commission is offering this pilot program as a convenience service to improve state employee’s access to available parking. There is plenty of parking inventory in the Capitol Complex for state employees and visitors. However, there is more demand for parking on the west side of the Capitol Complex, than on the east side of the Complex. Due to construction along Congress Avenue, taking a shuttle from Garages A, B, and G to work locations on the west side of the Capitol Complex will make this parking option more accessible for state employees.

Where are the shuttle stops located?

The shuttle stops on the east side of the Capitol Complex are located close to Garage A and inside Garage B. The shuttle stops on the West side of the Capitol Complex are located at the SFA loading dock, across the street from the WPC Building, and in the front drive of the JHR Building. Since all of the shuttle stops are not covered, remember to take proper precautions during inclement weather.

Who can ride the parking shuttle?

Any State of Texas employee may ride the shuttle free of charge. (Agency visitors who park in Garage B or the Capitol Visitor’s Parking Garage may also use the shuttle.)

How long will the parking shuttle run?

The State Employee Parking Shuttle was originally funded to operate from March 5 thru April 5, 2019. This pilot program has now been extended to April 19, 2019.

When does the shuttle run?

The parking shuttle will run for three hours in the morning and three hours in the afternoon.  The shuttle will begin picking up riders at 7:00 AM on weekdays from Garage A and Garage B and will travel west towards the SFA and WPC buildings.  In the afternoons, the shuttle will pick up riders at the SFA building and across from Garage J and travel east towards the parking garages. (Download the Route Map and schedule). 

Will the shuttle be wheelchair accessible?

Yes, there will be at least one shuttle bus that has a wheelchair lift.  For more details on this service, please contact Laura Hall, 512-463-8848.

For more information contact: Laura Hall, Program Supervisor, Commercial Parking and Special Events, 512-463-8848



The rapid economic growth of Austin has increased traffic and congestion across the city and especially in the downtown area from the river to 26th Street, and between the interstate and MoPac. This congestion has affected traffic patterns within the Capitol Complex, and thus impacted our state employees’ commute and parking.  This situation is compounded by the closure of surface parking lots to support the construction of the Texas Capitol Mall.

The TFC commissioned a ‘Parking Utilization Study’ to analyze current and future parking demand. The study concluded that the State has sufficient parking capacity within the Complex, although not all the available parking is convenient for workers on the West side of the complex. A partial solution to this challenge is to provide state employee parking shuttles to transport state employees from open parking garages on the east side of the Capitol Complex to their work locations on the west side of the Complex. This will reduce vehicular cross-traffic within the Complex, channel exiting traffic closer to the interstate, and ideally reduce the congestion on MLK Blvd. and 15th Streets.

State Parking Shuttle Program Goals:

  • Reduce state employee commuter stress
  • Reduce parking imbalance
  • Alleviate congestion in the Capitol Complex by reducing cross-traffic within the Complex
  • Change commuting patterns within the Capitol Complex (Encourage employees who live south to use Parking Garage A and exit southbound on San Jacinto to avoid 15th Street.)

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