The 2016 Texas Capitol Complex Master Plan reimagines the Capitol Complex as a destination that celebrates the Capitol and centralizes all state agencies. Characterized by grand civic spaces, shaded pedestrian-friendly streets, and connections to the surrounding community,  the first phase of the master plan includes two new office buildings and five levels of underground parking, which will be the base of a new, pedestrian-oriented Texas Mall. This tree-lined promenade will be located on Congress Avenue between 16th Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, and will serve as the northern gateway to the Capitol Complex with public green space for tourism, events, and festivals.

Phase One of the 2016 Texas Capitol Complex Master Plan includes the construction of two new office buildings that will allow the consolidation of staff currently working in leased space. Consolidating staff has the potential to create operational efficiencies between and within agencies, provide visitors easier access to agency offices, and eliminate the cost of leased space for these offices.


Traffic Alert October 24, 2019

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General Capitol Complex News October 24, 2019

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Pedestrian and Parking Update October 24, 2019

Safe Crosswalks: To cross MLK Blvd. at: Colorado: Use the western crosswalk and the north sidewalk closest to the Blanton... read more


“Consolidating staff into the proposed office buildings at the Capitol Complex eliminates lease costs, which cost the state on average four times more than non-leased properties.”